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The 90s were the best time to be born in. You could play outside all day and never be tired enough to come back home. With a new game to play every day, every minute, there was not even one dull moment! No matter which game it was, the 'denner' was always decided with a 'pukam'.

So, read on as we remind you of the 24 most awesome games every Indian kid grew up playing.

1. Pakdam Pakdai

We all remember running around manically like the whole neighbourhood had caught fire just to escape the 'denner', sometimes even hurting ourselves in the process.

2. Poshampa Bhai Poshampa

Simon went back and 'London Bridge is falling down' became

And just for your memory, here are the next few lines.
'Laal Quile Mein Kya Hua
Sau Rupaye Ki Ghadi Churayi
Ab Toh Jel Mein Jana Padega
Jail Ki Roti Khani Padegi
Jail Ka Pani Peena Padega
Ab Toh Jail Mein Jana Padega...'
And that's how one unfortunate innocent was put behind bars by us Indian 'chillar party'.

3. Vish-Amrit

'Teen baar vish ho gaye toh out' was the rule. The weakest was targeted and done away with the first. The denner's biggest task was to make sure others did not 'amrit' the ones he had already 'vish-ed'.

4. Dog And The Bone

Drawing a circle on the ground with chalk, throwing in a 'hanky' and challenging the other team to pick it first. And, when you didn't have handkerchiefs, anything from a marble to a shoe worked just fine.

5. Unch Neech Ka Papda

'Unch maangi ya neech?'

6. Doctor Doctor

The 'doctor' was sent away while the others entangled themselves into a bunch of indistinguishable limbs. The doctor had to untangle them without letting anyone escape!

7. Aankh Micholi

This game was never played the way it should have been. We all ended up beating up the blindfolded 'denner' every time.

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8. Chain Chain

A variant of 'pakdam pakdai', this one had all the 'denners' holding hands and running after the other players. They played it in some movies too. Check this out.

9. Langdi Tang

We Indians are so desperate to play 'pakdam pakdai', we can even do it with just one leg, even at the cost of looking like crazy chickens. Oh, and it also helped us in our bhangra performances.

10. Stapu

They called it 'hopscotch' and we called it Stapu. Nobody knows where that word came from or what it means. Who cares, when the game is so much fun! Remember how difficult it was to NOT step on the white lines?

11. Catch Catch

Give a simple English word to Indian kids and they'll make something completely incoherent out of it. Just like 'London Bridge' became 'Poshampa', 'Catch Catch' became 'Catchum Catch'. Even though the game was the simplest one ever, there was this one kid who could never catch. He grew up to be Ashish Nehra.

12. What This Game Is Called: Disease

What Indians Call It: Chhu-Achhoot Ki Beemari
Wherever the 'denner' touched you, you had to hold that body part with one hand and chase the others using the other. The clever ones amongst us always touched 'em on their feet.

13. Gallery

Remember the game in which you drew a huge court on the ground with chalk or a piece of brick, and stopped the players of the other team from crossing by guarding it?

14. 'Chooha Daud Billi Aayi'

Everybody sat on the ground making a circle while the 'denner' dropped the 'hanky' behind one of the players.

The player then had to pick up the 'hanky' and chase the denner,

while the rest just sang 'Chooha daud billi aayi'!

15. Badminton Without The Net

Remember what we did when we had no badminton court or net? If you ever visited an Indian colony in the 90s, you'd always see a badminton court on every road! God bless those bricks who gave their lives marking the courts for us! We played it all day

And there was always this one friend who called rackets, badmintons.

16. Kho Kho

Every time someone 'kho'ed you, it felt like this.

17. Red Letter

Jumping every time you heard the denner say Red Letter was so much fun, we could play the game for hours at a stretch!

18. Statue

Your opponent had to freeze every time you said the word 'statue' until you said 'release'. The best part was, no one ever said 'release'.

19. Maaram Pitti

Dodgeball was too complicated for us wild kids. 'Maaram Pitti' was more like 'it'. No rules - just hit anybody and everybody with the ball, and duck when they throw at you. Who decides who gets the first turn? This is India. The kid who owns the ball decides.

The best part was, when the ball accidentally hit the neighbour uncle!

20. Kanche

We could play with them anywhere, everywhere and any time! The little marbles were first shuffled, and the fun unleashed. Oh, those days!

The game was so popular even Bollywood villains played it.

21. Gilli Danda

We mastered this game before we learnt how to walk! Gilli danda is in every Indian's blood!

You're not a complete Indian if you haven't played Gilli Danda. Up for a match?

22. Pitthoo

Yeah, the desi version of seven stones. Hitting those flat pieces of marble/ stones with a ball,

then hiding behind parked cars dodging the ball,

and then denying that it hit you - Pitthoo was the best way you could spend your evenings!

23. Gully Cricket

Oh, wait. Didn't we call it 'bat ball instead'? The rules were something like this.

'Sharma ke terrace pe gayi toh chakka'

'Boundary se bahar gayi toh out!'

'Peepal Ke ped par lagi toh chauka'

'Andhera hone wala hai. Paanch over ka match hai.'

'Bhatta pace not allowed!'

We may have compromised on the real rules, but 'killi ki kasam', the matches were no less than Indo-Pak matches!

And just when it was celebration time, out came Mr. Sharma!

24. Chhupan Chhupai

How Hide and Seek became 'Chhupan chhupai', we'd never understand. And that's not even the weirdest part. Every game started with the 'denner' making an announcement in a sing-song way...

And everybody used to shout

Two minutes later,

And when you got caught,

Yeah,  admit it or not, we all called it 'aaispice'.

And when you were the hider, nothing could beat this feeling.

Want to play? 'Nayi ghodi nayi chal'!

Photo: © BCCL (Main Image)

1. Hopscotch or Stapoo-

 Hopscotch is a popular game. This game is mostly played in India. Before play hopscotch firstly draw hopscotch on the ground. Than throw a flat stone to land on square one.If you don't get it within the lines, you lose your turn and pass the stone to the next person. If you do get it, however, go on to the next step.  Each square gets one foot. You don’t put both leg at ground at same time.





2. Chhupan Chhupai or Hide-n-Seek-

This game is very popular game in all India and other countries. Children play this game with full of enjoy. For this game we need at least 2 children. Before play this game you have to decide the space to play. When you play you should take care of yourself and hide to a safe place. Before starting game decide that child who searches others. After decide you can start game. Child (who searches others) has to close eyes and start counting loudly. This time others players hide himself at a safe place in the decide space. During the game no one cheat to anyone. When he or she search to others then change the player to search other.





3. Chor–Sipahi-

This game is very nice game. We need two teams to play this game. One team is called (Sipahi). The police team try to catch the thieves. The police catch all thieves than team are change. (Sipahi become the Chor and Chor become the Sipahi). In a team you add any number of payers.





4. Langdi-

Langdi is a popular game in Maharashtra. There many children play this game. This is a funny game. In this name all players divided into two parts. This game is starting with toss which team win the toss defends first.  The opposing team sends a player to tag as many defenders as he can, while hopping on one foot. The team that tags the most defenders wins.





5. Dog and the Bone-

This game is an interesting game. This game is played not only by children; this game plays by Youngers. For this game we need two teams and an object (bottle or handkerchief). Than draw a circle and put the object in the mid and came a player of each teams. They try to take this object. Which player took the object he win and other fail and he (failed player) out the game.





6. Lagori or Pithu-

Pithu is a very popular game in children of India. For play this game we need a ball and a pile of stones. This stones put on one other on the ground. Than one player of team is throws the ball on the stone pile. If the ball touches a person, he is out and his team continues without him.





7. Kancha or Marbles-

Kacha is very popular game in India country. This is played in rural areas. For play this game we need some round glass marbles. The motive is to collect as many marbles as possible by shooting and striking other marbles with the ones you have.





8. Kho Kho-

The game consists of two teams, who are required to chase down and tag the players of the opposite team to win the game. The chasing team sends out nine players onto the field, who sit in a straight line with alternate players facing opposite sides. The chasers have to make sure they catch the runners (who enter the field one at a time) before time runs out. In this needs 9 players in both team.





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