Referee Assignments Nfl Week 13 Odds

As a long time multi-sport official, there are 2 rules that have been ingrained in to my “game mind” – Safety and Consistency. Obviously, this year especially, both the NCAA and NFL have lost their common sense on the first, and don’t even know or understand the second. I CAN say that if I was as incompetent as these so-called professionals, I wouldn’t be officiating even Jr. High games; let alone anything higher. Yes, those who don’t cannot possible understand what it means to be on the field or court. Unfortunately for the striped jackasses in the MN v DAL game, I DO understand. If Roger G had a spine, or the head of Officials had any balls at all, he’d come up with an ACTUAL solution to the piss-poor officiating all over the league (and includes NCAA), then they’d do the honorable thing and resign, give back their entire 2016 salary, and go away.

Here’s a heads up NFL: By the time you do figure it out, it will be too late. Just ask Hillary. We didn’t get a better or a good thing, but we certainly didn’t want same old, same old. As an official, I am embarrassed. If this is what it takes to be an NCAA or Pro official, I am WAAAAAAYYYY to competent to qualify.

Craig Wrolstad will be in Dallas this week for his second Thursday night game of the season. His crew handled the Marshawn Lynch ejection in his last Thursday night contest, which took place in Week 7. Jeff Triplette and his crew are off this week.

Thursday, Nov. 30

  • Washington at Cowboys  NBCNFLN  —  Craig Wrolstad

Sunday, Dec. 3

  • Vikings at Falcons  —  Brad Allen
  • Lions at Ravens  — Jerome Boger
  • Patriots at Bills  —  Gene Steratore
  • 49ers at Bears  —  Ed Hochuli
  • Buccaneers at Packers  —  Terry McAulay
  • Colts at Jaguars  —  Bill Vinovich
  • Broncos at Dolphins  —  Carl Cheffers
  • Panthers at Saints  —  John Hussey
  • Chiefs at Jets  —  John Parry
  • Texans at Titans  —  Clete Blakeman
  • Browns at Chargers  —  Walt Coleman
  • Rams at Cardinals  —  Ron Torbert
  • Giants at Raiders —  Pete Morelli
  • Eagles at Seahawks  NBC  —  Tony Corrente

Monday, Dec. 4

  • Steelers at Bengals  ESPN  —  Walt Anderson

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