Solubility Curves Assignment Satisfaction

Solubility Curve PracTce Problems Worksheet 1Directons: Find The mass of soluTe will dissolve in 100mL of waTer aT The following TemperaTures? 1. KNO3 aT 70°C = ____________2. NaCl aT 100°C= ____________3. NH4Cl aT 90°C= ____________4. Which of The aboveThree subsTances is mosT soluble in waTer aT 15°C. = ____________2. SoluTonSaturated or Unsaturated?If unsaturated: How much more solute can dissolve in the soluTon? a soluton ThaT conTains 70g of NaNO3aT 30°C (in 100 mL H2O)a soluton ThaT conTains 50g of NH4Cl aT 50°C (in 100 mL H2O)a soluton ThaT conTains 20g of KClO3aT 50°C (in50 mL H2O)a soluton ThaT conTains 70g of KI aT 0°C (in 200 mL H2O)3. a. WhaT is The solubiliTy of KCl aT 5C? _______b. WhaT is The solubiliTy of KClaT 25C? _______c. WhaT is The solubiliTy of Ce2(SO4)3aT 10C? _______d. WhaT is The solubiliTy of Ce2(SO4)3aT 50C? _______4. AT 90C, you dissolved 10 g of KCl in 100. g of waTer. Is This soluton saTuraTed or unsaTuraTed?5. A mass of 100 g of NaNO3is dissolved in 100 g of waTer aT 80ºC.

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Can anyone explain the Army Satisfaction Key Background Tab?

In ASK, I have this in my On Assignment tab (I'm on orders to be a DA-Select Recruiter):

Report Date: 20170710
Location: FT KNOX

But in the Background tab, I have this:

Duty: Recruiter
Type Code: CLEARED
Agency: None
Location: N/A
Date: 11/9/2017

My specific questions:

1) What exactly does "CLEARED" mean for the Type Code?
2) What does the Date mean? Whether that's November 9, 2017, or 11 September 2017, neither makes sense to me. I'm scheduled for Recruiter School 10 April - 26 May 2017, with a report date to my gaining unit on 10 July 2017. I'm in the process of requesting a deferment because I'm in the middle of having multiple surgeries, but the paperwork hasn't gone past my company yet, so it can't be that.

Any ideas would be very much appreciated!

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