Sacramento State Application Essay

What is the California State University System?
The CSU is the country's largest four-year university system with 23 campuses located throughout the state of California. The campuses offer excellent educational opportunities at affordable costs. Please see Explore the System for more information.

Where do I obtain information about admissions?
Please visit CSUMentor™, a comprehensive guide to the California State University's 23 campuses. Also visit the Students section of our website and the Student Academic Support section for more information.

Where can I get information about admission status?
The status for admission into particular programs may be found in the Application Status Report. The best way to find out the most current information, however, is to contact the admissions office at a specific campus.

Must I submit an essay with my admissions application?
An essay is not a requirement for admission to the California State University system. However, it may be an option at campuses that are defined as impacted or in majors that are impacted. Consult the campus admission office to which you are applying to verify whether your major is impacted and to find out whether or not an essay is required. Campuses may be located on our campus map.

I want to apply for admission to different CSU campuses. Can I submit a single application to cover multiple campuses?
You must submit an individual application for each campus for which you wish to apply. Current application fee is $55 per application. Dates for submission of applications are listed on CSU's monthly application status report.

Where can I find calendar information about a campus such as term beginning and ending dates, registration dates, and when final examinations are scheduled?
Please contact individual campuses for additional information.

Can I apply for admission via the Internet?
Prospective students should visit the CSUMentor website at CSUMentor™. It provides a user-friendly process for selecting a CSU campus, planning to meet CSU entrance and academic requirements, applying for admissions and financial aid, understanding financial aid eligibility and opportunities, establishing an electronic communications link between the student and CSU campuses.

Are programs available for distance learning?
CSU campuses support a variety of technology-delivered courses and programs. Some technology delivered programs require campus attendance or are subject to campus residency provisions. Other technology-delivered programs may be completed in a remote setting. Registrants are encouraged to check with their academic advisor or campus Extended/Continuing Education Office for details. Also see CalstateTEACH.

Where can I find information about faculty work schedules?
Please contact the Human Resources department or by telephone at (562) 951-4400.

How can I locate a particular student, staff, or faculty member of the CSU?
While this website does not have a systemwide directory available, each campus has a personnel locator available that can assist you. Please see the Campus Locators page.

Can I use the CSU Logo for a project I'm working on?
The CSU has a strict policy regarding the use of its logos and trademarks. The policy of the CSU Board of Trustees of the CSU is that the seal, logos and images used on the CSU website may not be used by persons and organizations other than the CSU. If you have any questions contact Marketing Communications for the Chancellor's Office at (562) 951-4670 or by e-mail

The only official marks of the CSU are the CSU Seal (black or blue on a white background or white on a dark blue background) and the words "The California State University." Use of any other representations such as the block letters "CSU" with the horizontal bar across the top of the letters is not permitted.

I'm not certain if I've reached the correct California higher education system. Can you help me?
We are the California State University (CSU), a public state university system with an emphasis on teaching and teacher and workforce preparation. All of our campuses, except for the California State University Maritime Academy, have the "State University" identification their name, such as San Diego State University and California State University Sacramento.

The University of California (UC) is also a public state university system with an emphasis on research. All UC campuses can be identified through the "University of California" identification in their name, such as the University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley).

The University of Southern California (USC) is a private university.

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