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1141 North Old World Third St
Milwaukee, WI53203
(414) 225-8210

What a great place to live!! My family and I moved in about a month ago, and we have been immensely happy with everything. From the heated parking garage to the convenient amenities (Carson steakhouse room service, dry cleaning delivery, workout room etc), and gorgeous views. I have nothing but good things to say. By the way their staff is amazing very polite and they go way beyond the call of duty. We absolutely love living here.

only giving this place one star because it doesn't give me the option to give zero. lived here now 11 months and the windows have yet to be cleaned even though before i moved in i was told they would be done twice a year. I can't use my patio due to the incredible amount of spiders and bugs that keep coming back right after i clean. The appliances couldn't get any cheaper the garbage disposal barely even works. The property manager Dustin is worthless at best all he does is give excuse after excuse not really sure how he even has a job when all the ladies that work here are the ones actually doing the work. 1 more month and i get to finally leave for good.

I have had a terrible experience with the staff of Moderne. This whole place seems to be run via a Mickey Mouse operation. The barely legal girls, so called "staff" that work here seem to be college drop outs who have no idea how to add numbers such as the rent, efficiency fees, parking fees, what date rent is due, what floor the apartment/condo is going to be on. They gave me all the above numbers wrong and when I added them up myself, it was all messed up. They even messed up my lease starting date and ending dates and assigned me someone else's parking spot. The staff have a very crude attitude and do not apologize for anything but rather keep saying "we hold residents accountable". Their online system to pay rent is out of whack. The website never works and when it does, the first thing it does is charge you a hefty $50 convenience fees to pay rent online. Beware! The staff (barely legal girls) can be very flirtatious while giving tours. This is to lure you into signing the lease and then they won't even look at you. There is so much construction going on right in front of the building that it is impossible to relax in your $2000 per month room during the weekdays from 7am to 5pm. All I hear is a hammer hitting the earth and causing it to shake. The construction is supposed to be on until 2-3 years from now. The gym and coffee machine are enjoyable. The community room is awesome! Has a huge TV with free movies mostly from the 90's. Free breakfast on Saturday morning consists of bananas, bagels and donuts. Overall, the area Moderne is located in is central. For now, I have no plans to renew my lease once it is over.

I am giving the Moderne a one star only because zero is not an option. The last six months of my living there was awful. The elevators break down frequently and once I had to use stairs from 19th to 25th floor for four days. I provided my 60-day notice as required but, as usual, that property manager is gone. I received a letter from Dustin saying I owed over $3000 in overdue rent and carpet replacement. I was never late in rent and the carpet had massive stains when I moved in. I have called and emailed numerous times with no response. I sent a certified letter, no response. The construction noise is deafening. They won't turn on air conditioning when it's 80 out. They told me I would have to buy their shades and pay for installation. Worse rental experience ever.

This place should receive a zero rating.Worst place I have ever lived. Lived there for about 6 months and could not wait until my lease was up. They advertise the place as "soundproof", yet it is totally not, (believe me, after working night shift, all I hear is loud jack hammers ALL day long). Every time I emailed the staff about issues, they would never respond back to me unless I send another email weeks later, very unprofessional. Also after moving out 2 MONTHS ago, I have yet to receive my security deposit back. I called the manger, Dustin, and explained my situation. He made some excuse that the check could have been sent back to "head corporate offices", and I should check back. I had called a week ago and left a voicemail and yet to hear back from him. This place is a beautiful building the the management is AWFUL. I have yet to come across such bad management in my life. Plus there is no guest parking anywhere around the building and with construction going on, it is soooo much worse.

This apartment building is far from true luxury, and administers many false claims. The building is not sound proof, and it is explained to be. The maintenance always takes longer than it should to fix any issues, or even get back to you. The building claims to have a car wash inside the parking garage, but it does not exist.The indoor parking deck will also always cause your car to have a greyish soot all over the windows. The floors are not real wood but cost an extra monthly fee. Some units don't even come with stainless steel appliances. The advertised "Saturday breakfast" is never on time, and often late by hours. The coffee machine is always broken, yet you have to pay for it as part of your amenity fee. The building also advertises monthly parties, which is not true. Depending on which side of the building you chose to live in, it will be very loud, which the leasing staff will not disclose to you. There is also a "Moderne car" that is supposed to be like a free Uber, which the staff does not want you to know about or utilize. The floors are also not real hard wood, even though the claim is. Everyone who is new to Wisconsin comes to this building, but often leaves sooner than the rent is complete. Everyone ends up moving to Park Lafayette which is their biggest competitor, and for good reasons. It was a good learning lesson to live here, but never again.

I enjoyed staying at the Moderne! It was convenient to downtown and the staff were always helpful. It's definitely one of the better managed properties I've been in, and I definitely recommend it to young professionals who are relocating or are temporarily assigned to Milwaukee.

The Moderne is one of the best residential buildings in Milwaukee. All employees in the building were very friendly and helpfu.

My husband and I were new to Milwaukee and moved here because they do special resident events and it was close to where my husband was working. It was an easy way for us to meet new people in the area. The staff was always friendly and went above and beyond to help us with everything we needed. When circumstances out of our control (and nothing to do with the complex itself) prompted us to find new residence, the staff was professional, patient, and kind in working with us. They never bent the rules for us, sticking to the fair housing act. They handled everything with such overall professionalism, explained our options and made helpful suggestions to assist us in our transition out of the complex. We respected them for their courtesy, non-judgement, and friendship they extended to us while we lived there and now that we have moved out. It's a wondeful residence, with a wonderful staff, and was a great place for us to start out in Milwaukee.

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