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2010-2011 School Year

For the next several weeks we will be actively participating in our Holocaust unit. The Holocaust is one of the major events in all of human history. With more understanding of the Holocaust, we hope such an unfortunate tragedy will never happen again.

During this unit the following activities will be accomplished:

1.      View the video “Forget Me Not.”

2.      Library research-Answer a list of Holocaust questions and vocabulary.

3.      Do research for information for a final project.

4.      Give an oral presentation to the class.


6.      Complete any additional activities.

7.      Listen to Mr. Martin Lowenberg, a Holocaust survivor, on May 12 during the school day. This will be a dress up day.

8.      Attend a dinner and Holocaust program and visit all of the students’ displays on the evening of May12. The dinner will being at 5:30, and the program will begin at 7:00. You are expected to attend and dress up for the evening

Final Project Information:

Your final project will consist of a project display board and a report. Your report should be a maximum of two pages long, double spaced with 12 point font. Instead of a report you, can create a newspaper front page using Microsoft Publisher. Reports can be attached to the display board.Pictures should be included.Additional material (models, poetry, newsletters, and brochures) may be included. No handwriting is allowed on the project board. Captions must be typed. This must be your very best work. Projects will be on display for parents and community members. You may work in pairs, or you may work alone, but each student does his or her own research paper. If you work with a partner, you will get a group grade and each group member will receive the same grade. You must have a project display board. These are available from the library for $5.00. Boards will go on sale on March 29. You will choose your topic from the following list. Groups may not have the same topic. If necessary, we will draw straws.

Topics to choose from:


2.Concentration Camp-Auschwitz-Birkenau

3.Concentration Camp-Bergen-Belsen

4.Concentration Camp-Dachau

5.Concentration Camp-Sobibor

6.Concentration Camp-Treblinka

7.Concentration Camp-Theresienstat

8.Concentration Camp-Buchenwald

9. Survivors

10. Liberators/Rescuers/Resisters

11. Starvation-lack of food and nutrition

12.World War II- Important Leaders

13.World War II-Important Events


15. Holocaust War Criminals

16. Lessons learned from the Holocaust

17. Read NIGHT and some other true account

18.Voices of the Holocaust

19. Anne Frank

20. Tolerance/Intolerance

21. Children of the Holocaust

22. Trials

23. What was the Final Solution?

24. Hate Groups

25. Nazi Beliefs

26. Kristallnacht-night of the broken glass

27. Adolf Hitler

28. Liberation

29.Boxcar Horrors

30.Acts of Courage

31.Olympics of 1936

32.Daily Life in the Camps

33.Star of David

34.Doctors of the Holocaust

35. Medical Experiments of the Holocaust

36.The Story of Raoul Wallenberg



39.Voyage of the

40. Laws 1935-1938

41.Jewish Religion

42.Artwork, Stolen Art, Poetry, Literature, and Music of the Holocaust

and Memorials

44.Oskar Schindler

45.History of the Swastika


47.Mengele: Angel of Death


49.Nazi Propaganda

50. Elie Wiesel

51. Adolf Eichmann

52. Simon Wiesenthal

53. Why was the world silent?

54. The Japanese American Interment Camp

55. Displaced Persons and Refugees

56. Killing Squads (Einsatzgruppen)

57. MiepGies

Display Board:

1.      Choose topic

2.      Research topic

3.      Write report.

4.      Design layout of display-have design approved before beginning

5.      Type all captions and have approved before putting on display board

6.      Build display-must have a title

7.      Design any extra handouts (newsletters, brochures, etc)and print duplicates for placement with display



Click on Anne Frank” Forget Me Not” Internet Cards

Good for Children of the Holocaust











Good for propaganda topic



 Website for these topics--Voyage of the

The Nazi Olympics

The Doctor's Trials





This site is about MiepGies.


A List Of Sports Psychology Topics For Your Research Paper

Sports psychology has become one of the most popular areas of study within the larger discipline of psychology. It’s a study of how sports, exercise, physical activity and athletic performance are all influenced by elements of psychology. Knowing more about these effects is believe to help athletes condition and perform more efficiently. Here is a list of some really good sports psychology topics for your research paper:

  1. Future trends in sport psychology in light of increased evidence showing head trauma in sports like football and rugby. Will these sports be made safer or will the rules remain the same as long as athletes continue to play and people continue to watch?
  2. Understanding how team sport dynamics have changed in the last twenty years and what can be expected in the future. The rise of the superstar has changed the ways teams are put together, and changed the nature of how the locker room dynamics are.
  3. Ways to promote increased physical activities in lower socio-economic areas where good health in the greater population is low.
  4. Discuss the role of the Olympics upon nations where sport activity is virtually non-existent because of underfunding. Is it a good thing for these nations to invest in sports in the years after the Olympic Games?
  5. Using psychological tests to determine an athlete’s ability to cope with the move from collegiate to professional sports. Are these tests accurate? Could team owners and psychologists have guessed from these results if athletes were going to have drug or problems with violence?
  6. What psychological impact does a coach have on a team’s success? Is a well-known coach more likely to have a positive or negative impact? How do players react to each kind of coach?
  7. Are young coaches feeling pressure to win within a certain timeline and does this affect how players perform? Do they put themselves at risk of injury by feeling pressured?
  8. How can sports psychology help in the process of building team chemistry and support among teammates working towards a common goal?
  9. How do athletes manage their emotions when they participate regularly in sports? What happens when the emotions are negatively charged (i.e., a boxer)?
  10. How has sport psychology evolved in the last twenty years? What do you see in the way it will continue to develop and how it will affect the way athletes, coaches, etc., approach sports?

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