Electricity Breakdown In Pakistan Essay

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Electricity Crisis in Pakistan are one of the major reasons which are hindering the economic growth of Pakistan. Unavailability of power is affecting directly or in directly on every sector of life. Making people feel frustrated as well as helpless. The load shedding span has mounted to almost 12 hours a day to industries and about 8 hours to domestic consumers. This destructive power shortage has brought the industrialist as well as the local people on roads for an urge of protest, but despite of all such anti government actions this struggle is in vein as there is no progress in the electricity supply to the consumers. Due to unavailability of electricity Pakistan’s export is highly affected as industries are unable to meet up to the orders leaving their clients with no other option instead of switching to other vendors in other countries.

Electricity Crisis in Pakistan

This is not only about the export but the national producers are shifting their production plants in the nearby countries like Bangladesh and China where electricity supply is convenient and side by side cheap. In the past 4 years the modern cities are experiencing about 8-12 hours of load shedding as compared to the rural areas where load shedding has accede to almost 12-14 hours of load shedding. This Electricity Crisis in Pakistan is also affecting the gross domestic product of our country as the country’s GDP is decreasing to 2% every passing year indicating a destructive economic breakdown in near future if this problem is not coped up.

This Electricity Crisis in Pakistan is ultimately becoming the major cause of increasing unemployment in or country. There is no electricity so industries are being forced fully shut down leaving the labor and employees helpless and without any jobs. It is stated that in the last 3 years thousands of employee who have lost their job due to these energy crisis have returned to their homes from where they have come in search of job. Many of the orders were cancelled in industries and which were not cancelled never met to the prescribed standards and quality. Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) is blamed for this electricity shortage but according to them they are also handcuffed in from the gas suppliers as they required 22 million cubic feet gas for a normal production which is reduced to about 115 million cubic meter a day, so when their will be no fuel there will be no electricity produced. So in concluding Pakistan is facing one of the most disparaging and critical Electricity Crisis in Pakistan and if it is not resolved at major priority Pakistan’s economy which is still not developed will be in real time danger.

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