Sample Wardrobe Stylist Cover Letter

Dear (name of Stylist),

I am writing in regards to your advertisement in (name of publication) for the position of Intern for Fashion Stylist with (name of company/magazine etc.).

I have been passionate about fashion throughout my adolescent teenage years and into adulthood. My fashion sense soon got noticed at school at an early age and my style became popular amongst my fellow classmates, which spread within our school.

This lead to me becoming the school's official fashion stylist for school productions (plays and fashion shows), something that they didn't have prior to my time at (name of school).

I was very proud of my achievements that stemmed from my passion for trends and colours and simply being me. I decided to follow through with my interest in the industry and further my studies at university, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in (name of degree).

During University, I held a part time job as assistant to the editor at (name) Magazine. I participated in numerous fashion shows, meeting and forging relationships with industry professionals and wardrobe reviewing for up-coming photo shoots.

I would very much like to broaden my experience and have the opportunity to work towards being a fashion stylist. I believe that I am made for this position, with my natural flair and absorption of street trends as well as thinking outside of the box.

My Resume is enclosed with further information regarding my history and education.

I hope that it appeals to you and that we may be able to meet in person to discuss things further.

Thank you in advance,



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Fashion Stylist Cover Letter

Fashion Stylists help clients improve and maintain their personal image. Formal education is not mandatory for this position, and most Fashion Stylists start with a small portfolio of clients. A good Fashion Stylist is able to accentuate their clients’ positive attributes and recommend the right outfit that suits their appearance and personality. Common activities of a Fashion Stylist include: selecting clothes and accessories, developing images for celebrities and models, attending fashion shows, and monitoring fashion trends.

A successful cover letter sample for Fashion Stylist should focus on the following skills and abilities:

  • Fashion trends awareness
  • Creativity and artistic flair
  • Good taste
  • Art history and design knowledge
  • Being able to adapt to different body types
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Attention to details
  • Organization

Beneath is provided an example cover letter highlighting similar Fashion Stylist qualifications.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Fashion Stylist Resume Samples.

Dear Ms. Rodriguez:

When I saw your posting for a Fashion Stylist, I was eager to forward my resume for your review. As a dedicated and motivated professional with a strong background and education in the fashion industry, I am positioned to significantly contribute to your goals in this role.

My experience includes coordinating fashion / style preferences for a variety of clients, in addition to achieving a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Marketing and Management and a diploma in Fashion Arts. I am confident that these attributes, along with my strong enthusiasm for fashion and my expertise in social media, will enable me to excel in this position.

Highlights of my experience include…

  • Achieving comprehensive education in diverse fashion / retail topics, including principles of buying, marketing, statistics, fashion history, retail promotion, and trend forecasting.
  • Excelling in hands-on practicum roles providing comprehensive fashion support and decision-making for advertising campaigns, music videos, public appearances, and photo shoots.
  • Consistently staying abreast of current fashion styles and trends to ensure optimal clothing and accessory selection.
  • Possessing a keen eye for detail, familiarity with diverse apparel brands, and the ability to select advantageous outfits for any body shape and age.
  • Demonstrating excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills and effective customer service strategies.

My skills in trend spotting, product recommendation, and client service are proven, and I am confident my additional talents will readily translate to this role with your company. The chance to offer more insight into my qualifications would be most welcome. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Evelyn S. Lewis

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