Essays About Managing Time For Adult Learners

Find out when you study best?  Are you a “lark” or an “owl”?  Do you prefer to work in “short bursts” or “long stretches”?  Organise your study-time accordingly.


If your study is relevant to your work, can you take study time?  Could you use some of your “leave days” as study days?  Make the most of lunch breaks.  Although many people work through their lunch-breaks, you should consider taking a break to do something different – perhaps catching up on necessary reading?


If you are on flexi-time, make the most of it.  Build up time so that you can finish early one afternoon each week (Fridays are not the best suggestion) then find somewhere quiet to get on with your studies.  Preferably this should not be at your desk – although there may be another suitable study-space somewhere in the workplace.  Preferably not at home.  There may be dedicated study-space at the college – or an open learning centre - or you could use the local library.  Alternatively, use your flexi-time to come in late one morning each week after spending a couple of hours studying at home.


Challenges Of Time Management As An Adult Learner

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This is because, many of these individuals are returning to school in order to be more competitive in the job market. As, it is demanding specialized skills and the ability to adapt with different challenges employers are facing. (Newbaker, 2012)
Evidence of the can be seen with a study that was conducted by the National Student Clearinghouse. They determined that this segment of the population, accounts for 38 percent of all students inside post secondary institutions. These numbers were divided even further, based upon select age groups. The research concluded that the majority of these individuals (54%) were between 25 and 29. While, the 30 and up age demographic, is accounting for 46% of all adult learners. This is significant, in illustrating how they are a large part of the secondary educational system. (Newbaker, 2012)
However, these individuals will face even greater challenges, in the process of continuing with their education. To fully understand what is happening, requires carefully examining the struggles and tips / tactics of adult learners who have a full time job. These elements will offer specific insights as to how they can balance their family, work and school life. (Newbaker, 2012)
The Struggles of Adult Learners
The biggest struggles facing adult learners is maintaining stability with their family,…

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