Children And Media Violence Essay

The Effects of Media Violence on Children Essay

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Abstract In recent times, the news media has cried out against violent media, painting it as the leading cause for youth violence. Following events such as the Columbine massacre, news sources have vilified violent media, claiming that it is a primary cause of violent behavior in youths. This analysis provides firm research on the subject from the opposing and supporting sources, giving a thorough definition to the term “violent media” and brings forth evidence that other psychological effects and environmental factors are more significant causes of increased youth aggression than violent media.

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With violent lyrics in music, video games with violent themes, hyper-violent horror and action movies and more, entertainment media has been under the microscope as a primary factor in causing violent behavior in youths for years. Ever since the Columbine shootings in 1999 and the subsequent blame being placed on the video game DOOM and heavy metal artist Marilyn Manson, the news media delights in finding new violent entertainment to link to youth violence, especially if a massacre is involved. From a scientific standpoint, however, defined causes for youth violence simply have not been found. In fact, a study of youth violence held in 2014, focusing around candid conversation with youths between the ages 14 and 22 who had been involved in violent behavior and fights about the causes of youth violence, found “ predominant cause of violence emerged from the discussion” (Cheng, et al. 288). Simply put, evidence pointing out any primary cause of youth violence does not exist. With mental illness, poor lifestyle choices, hostile environments, ineffective parenting, and peer pressure all playing roles, one must consider whether violent media and entertainment are primary causes of youth violence. Even if sufficient evidence existed to prove violent media was a significant factor in causing youth violence, one cannot claim that it causes more youth violence than other

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Media Violence and Its Effect on Children Essay

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There is a strong agreement among American society that violence in the country is on the rise. It is easy to see why this is a strong argument among the American people, especially because of the rising popularity of violent video games and television programs. However, as these violent video games and television shows are creating their own place in our society, the reports of violence among children are escalating. This correlation has been studied extensively in the scientific community in an attempt to discover whether media violence does negatively impact children but there has yet to be a consensus. There is a split between those that believe that children are becoming more violent because they are exposed to violent media and…show more content…

Later, each child was left alone with the doll. The children that watched the aggressive interaction acted aggressively toward the doll while the children that observed the normal interactions with doll did not act aggressively. With these results, Bandura argued that children imitated behavior they witness, and that if they observed violent behavior in the media, they were likely to copy this behavior and act violently themselves (Bandura 575).
Many experiments followed Bandura’s footsteps, attempting to prove that there was a link between media violence and violence among the youth. These studies are still being conducted today, as there has yet to be a scientific consensus on the issue. However, despite there being evidence toward the contrary, many organizations have stated their position on the issue: they are against media violence because it causes violent behavior in children. One such organization is the National Association for the Education of Young Children (“Media Violence in Children’s Lives "). Influential organizations such as the NAEYC do not educate the public on all of the findings of studies intended to discover the relationship between media violence and violence among children. AS a result, the public continues to believe its original hypothesis that media violence is the root cause of increasing violent actions among the youth.
One such study, conducted

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