Hum 176 Week 9 Final Assignment By Linwood

Unformatted text preview: Do the information media have social responsibility? If yes, in what ways? If no, why not Yes, the information media do have a social responsibility. Since the media often presents information as if it were a fact when it is simply an opinion, media market is not about hard- hitting news anymore. It is about whatever gets them the most ratings and makes the most money. The role of mass media is to provide fact-based news to the masses. Too often mass media presents opinion pieces in which they discuss what is right and wrong. Typically, these pieces are presented as opinion pieces, but their prevalence leads many to assume it's the stance of the news organization. At the very least, it can influence the public's opinion too easily. Mass media should report the news without opinions and let the public make up their own mind. Journalists have to provide people with every tiny detail of what is going on in the world or any other particular place and so should information media. There are many other tasks that the media accepts and some of them are given. Media ought to work for the formation of public opinion and shed a light on issues that are not only important right now but will be important in the future as well. The most important responsibilities of media is to provide the society with truthful, objective and balanced news and information while respecting the importance of the secrecy of issues related to national security. The people that work in the media industry should be aware of their responsibilities. They play significant role in society, especially on informing and educating the people with the current and pressing issues that may directly affect them. They should also be sensible on every program that they offer to the public. Title Credibility and Impact Exploring the Internet and Politics Assessment A, Part One - Credibility and Impact: Exploring the Internet and Politics Indicate whether each website is credible. The Drudge Report: not credible Daily Kos: not credible The Huffington Post: not credible POLITICO: not credible Salon: not credible Colbert Nation: not credible The Hill: credible The Nation: not credible Red, Green and Blue: not credible Crooks and Liars: not credible The Washington Post: credible The New York Times: not credible Assessment A, Part 2: Answer the Senator about Credibility Comment on credibility issues pertaining to using information from Internet sources. The best way to find out if a source is credible is to dig past whats on the home page. No site is 100% credible though. Assessment B: Writing the Speech Speech Introductory Paragraph Many people know that you can't always believe what is on the internet however there are many ways the internet can help politicians communicate with the voters. Knowing what is credible and what is not within the confines of the web is very help politicians communicate with the voters....
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