If I Ruled The World Essay Contest

I have a dream of a world:
Where everyone has a warm bed to sleep in;
Where everyone has enough food and water to keep them alive;
Where children aren’t rummaging through dirty, harmful rubbish just for tiny pieces of metal;
Where everybody is kind there isn’t one unkind person in the universe;
Where every single person has a friend;
The world will be full of KINDNESS.

Changes I would make to the world

1, I would build more school, in different countries, so that every child gets the education that they deserve. This is because many children in other countries, especially girls, WANT an education but can’t get one as their parents cannot afford it.
2, I would build at least another 3 homeless shelters in each major city, in order for everyone to have a springy bed to sleep in. Many homeless people haven’t done anything wrong at all-but they get judged with a bad impression stamped all over them.
3, In school if there is the slightest bit of bullying the child will be put into isolation for break times for 6 weeks. This will teach that child it is very wrong to bully. They will also go on an anti-bulling course so they definitely know it is wrong.
Those are the changes I would make.


If I ruled the world, all politicians, including presidents and prime ministers, would have to sign up for three years of rigorous psychoanalysis, as a condition of taking office. In this way, the men and women who represent us would be better equipped to think more intelligently on behalf of others. Furthermore, the experience of struggling to find a more truthful language to articulate all the dimensions of anxiety, love, conflict, anger, disappointment—and indeed hope—would at last put an end to the bland political language of insecure certainty.


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