Research Paper On Service Oriented Architecture Example

White Paper Published By: MuleSoft     Published Date: Jan 25, 2016

IT used to be so simple. Companies owned their own technology equipment and purchased enterprise licenses for many of the applications anybody in the organization might care to use. But then the cloud emerged, and mobile, and social media, and IoT; the world of IT has never been the same. Today's businesses are software-driven enterprises with technology capability distributed throughout the company, utilizing countless third-party cloud-based applications. This new organization requires an cultural shift in the IT organization. Read this whitepaper to learn: -How businesses can reorganize themselves into lightweight, agile, modular businesses able to respond to innovations in SaaS, mobile, and analytics -How to build a technological architecture that can accommodate new technology yet still extract value from on-premises systems -The advantages of an API-led connected architecture vs. old SOA approaches

This paper reports on a case study focusing on service-oriented architecture (SOA) projects in practice. The aim of these projects has been to develop a shared document service supporting different business divisions in a large Norwegian governmental institution. The research question guiding this research is: How are SOA projects carried out in practice? What are the challenges of developing shared services in service-oriented architecture? SOA projects are accompanied by a complex socio-technical system development environment. In the present study we followed parallel system development processes and identified several issues associated with competence requirements, distributed coordination principles and control, lack of communication, tuning of parallel projects, and selection of appropriate project management approaches and system development methods. Clearly, there was a difference between undertaking a system development project within one organizational unit (silo) compared to the development of shared services to provide support across a large organization. Findings demonstrate that the complexity of SOA projects was underestimated by the project managers, and ad hoc governance was practiced in terms of control, coordination, and communication. To capture the entire system development context of an SOA project, a holistic approach and mind-set comprising time management and fine tuning of all parallel SD activities is necessary. Organizational maturity to carry out SOA projects is also of significance. The study has implications for SOA adopters in general and for system developers and project managers working in an SOA context in particular.

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